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3 Ways To Personalize Your Work-From-Home Setup

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

3 Ways To Personalize Your Work-From-Home Setup

Giving your work-from-home (WFH) setup a personal touch is always important. A personal touch ensures you can create your ideal workspace, maximizing comfort, convenience, and productivity every day. That said, when employees are in charge of their own WFH, it’s easy to overlook details that can make their experience better. Update your workspace today using these great ways to personalize your work-from-home setup.

Create a Specific Work Area

This may seem obvious to some WFH employees at first glance. However, it’s easy to assume that working from home means you can establish your office anywhere at home. If you work on a laptop, you can technically put it anywhere, such as on your kitchen counter. This is a habit worth avoiding if you want to create a comfortable and personalized workstation. Either find a room you can turn into an office or choose an area in the living room or anywhere else that you can section off. That way, you have a consistent workspace you can adjust to meet your comfort and productivity needs.

Instead of carrying work around the house, you can customize a space that looks and feels how you want it to while you work. Then, those personal areas, such as the kitchen or living room, can remain separate from your work area, ensuring you don’t constantly feel like you’re at the office. Not everyone’s personal preferences and workplace needs are the same, so experiment with different setups until you find the perfect fit.

Dress To Virtually Impress

Another fun way to personalize your work-from-home setup is by updating your closet. Even in a virtual workspace, you should dress professionally. Dressing in professional attire helps when you’re in a virtual meeting because it keeps you looking professional in the eyes of your coworkers. Plus, it can be a beneficial move when you’re working solo, too. You may feel the urge to stay in your pajama pants when you clock in so you can stay cozy while you work. Setting aside WFH clothes means that you can swap back into your coziest attire after you clock out.

Additionally, you can find many ways to accessorize your work-from-home outfits so you can still find the perfect personal touch for the workplace. Take a trip to a local store or shop online to put together the ideal WFH attire inventory. Then, much like your workspace, you can love how you look and feel when you clock in and when you clock out.

Reduce Loose Items on Desks

One more effective way to personalize your WFH station is with storage for all of your essentials. Desk drawers fill up quickly, which can lead to clutter. That clutter will create a disorganized workspace, but you can avoid that with good storage. Pick up shelves, stands, and other storage solutions that showcase your personality. For example, headphones are common in WFH environments.

The headphones and the cords that attach them to the computer frequently clutter desktops. You can place a headphone stand on your desk that keeps your items out of the way and in arm’s reach when you need them. Personalizing your workspace like this ensures you can fine-tune your workstation to meet your specific needs every day. Update your WFH space with a personal touch now to see how convenient and comfortable it is firsthand.

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