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5 Unique Ways To Improve Car Performance

5 Unique Ways To Improve Car Performance

If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. Regular maintenance and upkeep is a must, but if you want your vehicle to go above and beyond, you should choose a few upgrades and modifications to ensure optimal performance. Believe it or not, while some modifications may require a larger investment, there are just as many affordable ones. Here are five unique ways to improve car performance and how they can help.

Time to Re-Tire

Tires may work harder than any other car part. After all, they’re the ones that take the most direct damage from the road. Keeping your tires properly inflated and scheduling regular rotations helps them work better and last longer. But if you’re ready to take your car to the next level, consider switching them out for high-performance models. They provide better grip, displace water, and operate better at higher speeds. If you have the budget for it, make the upgrade.

A New Coat

Diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) protects everything from medical implements to industrial pipelines. But many automotive components benefit from DLC coating. The coating helps protect car parts from extreme temperatures, excessive and prolonged friction, high internal pressure, and more. With a protective DLC coating, individual car parts will last longer and deliver better results on the road.

Stay Cool

A cold air intake is a cheap and simple way of upping your engine’s power output while improving its efficiency. A cold air intake brings, yes, cold air into the engine, which has more oxygen in it. More oxygen enhances the combustion process, which means more power for your engine. You’ll see a huge improvement in torque and horsepower as well. Ask your mechanic about installing one or do it yourself!

Switch to Synthetic

Regular oil changes help your car run better and last longer. If you have the budget, spring for synthetic oil. Synthetic oil contains chemical compounds that resist high heat, perform well in all seasons, and prevent deposits from forming in the engine. In price, it usually runs a bit higher than regular oil, but the results make the extra cost worth it.

Declutter and Drop Weight

Here’s the last of our five unique ways to improve car performance, and it’s the most affordable. Try to take out any excess items in your vehicle. Declutter the trunk, car floors, glove compartment… every place in the car! If you don’t need it, stop driving it around. Extra weight means a slower and less efficient vehicle. If you’re driving competitively, assess how much extra weight you’re carrying. Some professional drivers remove the back seats from their cars, as well as insulation and other materials from the doors and frames. But talk to your mechanic before you start ripping anything out!

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