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A Dream Realized-The Village Lansing

Photo credit: Courtesy photo from The Village Lansing-Volunteers pose for a photo before Holiday food drive. Greater than one-hundred families in the Lansing Community received a Turkey Dinner

Growing up in today's world is tough enough all by itself. Add to that a missing or absentee mom or dad, and the stakes are raised. Such was the childhood of Michael Lynn. "I made it through," said Lynn. "I wanted to make sure other children had positive options.” Co-founders Michael and Erica Lynn started a nonprofit called the Village in Lansing in 2019. "At this point in time, our ability to keep the doors open is a success story all by itself," smiled Lynn.

Lynn recalled a time in the not so distant past when a young man was violently shot in Lansing's Ferris Park. "I knew I had to do something,” Lynn stated. “With the help of generous donations, I was able the hold a BBQ in Ferris Park. I knew I needed to be out where the children were so I could connect with them and see what was going on.”

Creating a nonprofit to help at-risk children has always been a dream for Lynn. For quite a while, he mussed how to resolve a helpless feeling of knowing so many were falling through the cracks.

“The phrase, it takes a village, has meaning,” says Lynn. “It encompasses both our name and concept.” As Lynn further explained, the village is simply a group of people that care about the youth in our city. "When duty calls, we come together and do whatever we can," said Lynn. Furthermore, he explained if he could look ahead a few years, he would visualize a village academy where students would be thriving and have at least three years of tutelage at the academy. Lynn said that if he could speak directly to children in need, he would say, "There are people who care and that you don't have to go it alone. There are plenty of options." Those who would like more information about the Village Lansing can visit the website at

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