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The Chronicle News's Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

The Chronicle News would like to thank Corporate Sponsor Comcast (Mr. John Gardner) for donating to the Chronicle’s annual Thanksgiving food drive. We would also like to thank our partner Community Organizations for assisting with food distribution. This includes: Church of Elohim, The Lansing Catalyst, The Village Lansing, The Fledge and Voices of Color. With the help of our Corporate Sponsor (Comcast) and Partner Organizations, we were able

to feed over fifty families in the Lansing Area for Thanksgiving. The dinner boxes included: a turkey, sides, and dessert. Again, the Chronicle News would like to send out a special thank you to Mr. John Gardner and Rob Ponto from Comcast, for helping those in need within the Lansing Community. We appreciate your support.


Jay Price-Publisher

The Chronicle News

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