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Afro-Owned Business Unveils Outdoor Patio for Enhanced Dining and Entertainment Experience

Courtesy Photo-Tatse' Alobosa-Outdoor seating for the inaugural patio party is rsvp only but all patrons are welcome to participate inside the establishment.

Lansing MI, June 6th, 2023 -Tatse' Restaurants and Alobosa Bar, known for its cultural cuisine and energetic nightlife, is proud to announce the completion of its newly constructed outdoor patio. This addition will elevate the dining and entertainment experience for patrons and establish Lansing’s downtown as a destination with unique food and musical experiences rooted in foreign heritage. The new outdoor patio is a testament to the commitment of owner Taiwo Adeleya’s resolve to continuously improve and innovate, providing a welcoming and enjoyable ambiance for visitors.

During the day, the outdoor patio offers a charming and relaxed setting for patrons to indulge in tantalizing culinary options. As the sun sets, the outdoor patio transforms into a vibrant and lively space, perfectly suited to transition into a buzzing bar scene. Guests can now sip on cocktails and unwind with friends, surrounded by the enchanting ambiance of the patio. The thoughtful design of the space, combined with energetic music, leads to a night out that captures the essence of Nigeria's vibrant nightlife. For more information, visit Facebook for event details.


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