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Meet Takura Nyamfukudza litigator and community advocate

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Courtesy Photo-Takura Nyamfukudza


Takura is not just known for his distinctive bowtie; it's his unwavering dedication and expertise that truly set him apart. To him, defending people's rights in the courtroom is not just a job, but a calling. As an adept criminal defense litigator, he has a string of successes under his belt, including securing "not guilty" verdicts in multiple challenging cases such as attempted murder and criminal sexual conduct.

Beyond his courtroom victories, Takura played a crucial role in the exoneration of three individuals who collectively spent 52 years wrongfully imprisoned. Collaborating with the team at Chartier & Nyamfukudza, P.L.C., he tirelessly fought to prove their innocence.

Takura's legal prowess extends across state and federal courts in Michigan, where he handles appellate cases at both the Michigan Supreme Court and the Michigan Court of Appeals. Before his legal career, he proudly served his country in the United States Army for twelve years.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the legal profession the community advocate, Takura was honored with the State Bar of Michigan's Regeana Myrick Outstanding Young Lawyer Award in 2015. He has also received accolades such as the Rising Star Award from the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association and the prestigious "Top 5 Under 35" Award from the Ingham County Bar Association.

Active in various professional organizations, Takura shares his insights on criminal defense at conferences and institutions like the Michigan Judicial Institute. He has been appointed to the State Bar of Michigan’s Board of Commissioners and has served on the Michigan Joint Taskforce on Jail and Pretrial Incarceration.

Takura's commitment to education extends beyond the legal community; he regularly speaks at events like the People’s Law School, where he sheds light on issues related to the Fourth Amendment. Outside of his legal practice, Takura volunteers his time at organizations such as the Lansing Refugee Development Center and the Lansing Boys & Girls Club.

Deeply committed to pro bono work, Takura lends his legal expertise to causes like Service to Soldiers and serves as a mentor in the Ingham County Veterans Treatment Court. With each case he takes on, Takura brings not only his passion for the law but also his unwavering commitment to excellence, making him a standout figure in the realm of criminal defense litigation.

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