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Candidate Logan Byrne shares campaign objectives

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

My name is Logan Byrne and I am a local Democratic candidate for State Representative.

I am an attorney, dedicated public servant, and alumnus of both Michigan State University College of Law and Eastern Michigan University. Growing up on a small family farm, I developed a strong work ethic and an appreciation for community. While studying Criminology at EMU, I originally planned a career in law enforcement. However, I decided to pursue further education and obtained my law degree from MSU College of Law to advance the lives of others through impact advocacy. As such, most of my professional background includes advocating for underserved communities, including immigrant communities and

victims of domestic violence.

Politics has become inordinately divisive in recent years, which has created a deadlock in the legislature and has prevented meaningful progress. I understand that the current political climate needs to change so that communities can begin to rebuild damaged relationships. I am a young professional, not a politician, and pride himself on my ability to reach across the political aisle to build meaningful relationships with members of all political affiliations. As such, I am excited to facilitate bipartisan legislation and foster a cooperative State House environment.

Ultimately, I decided to run for State Representative of Michigan’s 77th House District because more young professionals need to step up and take a seat at the decision-making table.

Some of my key priorities include:

(1) protecting voting rights

(2) passing common sense gun reform

(3)protecting reproductive rights

(4) prioritizing working families

(5) supporting education

(6) supporting farmers.

Thank you and I hope to have your support on August 2nd!

Photo courtesy of Logan Byrne

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