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Coffee Shop provides Comfort through Baked Goods and Americanos after MSU Mass Shooting Tragedy

After a mass shooting on Michigan State University's campus yesterday evening (Feb 13), one local coffee shop provides comfort through warm drinks and sweet treats.

In an Instagram posting, Strange Matter Coffee Co. said "We're just heartbroken today. If you need a warm drink, we've got you"

They have offered to give a free drip coffee or americano all day to 'anyone who needs it'. They are also giving 100% off of all bakery item/donut and any drink for first responders and MSU staff and students.

One Instagram follower commented on their post saying:

As usual, Strange Matter shows up in their best way. ❤️

Another added:

These actions remind me of how tight knit the Lansing community is! Thank you 🙏 !

One mother of an MSU student said:

Thank you so much for offering this kind of support to MSU students - including my daughter- while I am 2500 miles away ❤️ Whenever I am in EL we always stop at SM!!

This offering will be extended through Feb. 15 and it is available at both locations. They close at 4pm.

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