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Dr Carmen Thomas Multifaceted Servant Leader and Community Connector

Meet Dr. Carmen Thomas, a remarkable individual with a multifaceted life journey. She inspires, promotes, and connects women to people, information, and resources to help them live their best lives.

She is an emotionally Intelligent Servant Leader born in Albion, Michigan, and raised by a village of people who set good examples for her personally and professionally. Her family worked in various careers, owned businesses, and were in political positions. 



Dr. Carmen Thomas wears many hats. She is an author, entrepreneur, servant leader, volunteer, wife, mom, and grandmother. In addition to these roles, she works as the Chief Government Relations Officer for an exceptional organization that supports the community.


The Unstoppable Movement: Dr. Carmen’s journey began in 1991 when she was hired by a Real Estate Developer to oversee a major rental property transformation project. Despite the property’s distressed state (528 units that had reverted to the original owner), Carmen led its transformation, resulting in its successful sale within seven years. This pivotal experience ignited her belief that, with faith in God, she could accomplish anything—she became unstoppable.


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Carmen is the Founder and Executive Director of Transformation GEMS, a nonprofit organization based in Lansing, MI. Through this initiative, she has empowered several women to start and sustain businesses over the last decade. Recently, Transformation GEMS partnered with the Mid-Michigan Credit Union Association and CASE Credit Union to provide grants to women of color in the Greater Lansing Area. These grants support business growth and sustainability. In December 2021, Transformation GEMS secured a six-figure grant to empower women in the Lansing area further.


Transformation Empowerment Solutions: Carmen also owns and founded Transformation Empowerment Solutions ( For over ten years, she has successfully consulted and coached executive teams and individuals. Her expertise lies in transformational leadership, culture, and developing women entrepreneurs.


Educational Background: Carmen holds a Doctorate Degree from Bakke Graduate University in Transformational Leadership with an emphasis on culture and women entrepreneurs. She is an alumnus of Spring Arbor College, with a master’s degree in Family Studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management & Organizational Development. Additionally, she is a self-esteem expert and an International Certified Holistic Life Coach.


Servant Leadership and Community Impact: Carmen is a Transformation Strategist with certifications in Lean Process Improvement (Green Belt) and Emotional Intelligence. She has facilitated workshops on servant leadership, foreclosure prevention, credit repair, home buying, marriage and family dynamics, and self-esteem.


Overcoming Adversity: Carmen’s journey includes overcoming significant financial challenges. She went from being a million dollars in debt without filing for bankruptcy to achieving remarkable success.

Dr. Carmen Thomas’s impact extends far beyond her professional accomplishments. Her commitment to empowering others and creating positive change exemplifies true leadership. If you want to be part of this transformative movement, visit and get connected. Let’s empower our communities together! 🌟👏


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