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"Empower Your Mind and Body: The Impact of Mental Wellness in Fitness with Christine Curtice"

Courtesy Photo-Fitness Trainer Christine Curtice of BeYou Fitness


Meet Christine Curtice. She is a fitness coach who desires to help people with their mental health, believing that the way one moves their body determines how it performs. Her studio was created to help people have an amazing and empowering experience with fitness. 

About BeYou Fitness: 

Christine has been a personal trainer for 12 years and opened up BeYou Fitness in 2019. She started BeYou Fitness to allow everyone, from any background, to experience fitness in a genuine and fun way.  She started this endeavor to support mental wellness and help others develop a better relationship with themselves and their bodies. She also would like others to realize their bodies are beautiful, and how our mental state works better once we develop our bodies. Just like a muscle, our minds need that extra rep to keep molding and developing as we age to help dismantle limiting beliefs about ourselves.  

Courtesy Photo-Fitness Trainer Christine Curtice of BeYou Fitness


Christine didn't start working out just for physical fitness. She wanted to promote a lifestyle that combats depression and improves one's mood. She stresses how exercise is a creative outlet and a way to be balanced. In addition, she shares how exercise helps one to be at peace, promoting movement therapy. Also, she shares how movement helps one to be present, eliminate distractions, and is a healthy alternative to overindulgence to cope. 

Christine says "What we consume is directly correlated to how we look, move, and feel. I work to educate and inspire others by meeting people where they are." In addition, she stresses the importance of awareness of food intake since food makes up our body chemistry. This seems to go hand and hand with the saying "We are what we eat." She wants people to know it's possible to get out of bed in the morning without aches. She wants to help people get the energy back that they had in their 20s.

BeYou Fitness is all about being yourself and enjoying all the wonderful benefits of fitness training while setting personal goals and having fun. Whether it's you versus you or a semi-private small group class, BeYou Fitness is here for the enjoyment of developing oneself in the gym and outside in the world.  

To contact Christine and find out more about her affordable training programs with a customized approach, please call Christine Curtis at 231-408-7368 or email

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