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Erica Collette Rivera-Making it Happen

By Dianne Hicks-Flourry

Erica Rivera-Courtesy Photo

ERICA COLLETTE RIVERA was born and raised in Lansing, MI and has been styling African American hair all of her life. You may have met her early in her life by her family or friends who got their hair done too. Because she enjoyed styling their hair, she even got paid for her talent. It was wonderful that Erica was encouraged to follow her dreams so as a result, her very first two jobs was working at a barber shop at the age of 13 years old (Flawless Fades). However, when the family moved to Florida her next job was at Ebony and Ivory where she worked for about three years.

Erica started her family at the early age of 20 with her husband Clement’e Rivera to raise their family for 9 years. They live in Lansing, MI. However, their son Eriq 18 graduated from Haslett High School this year. They have two daughters, Asia 14 who will be a freshman at Haslett High School this fall. Falicia is their youngest daughter who is 11 and she will be in the fifth grade this fall at Murphy Elementary in Haslett.

Erica’s husband Clement’e has stood by her side through everything. He has been her encouragement, strength, unwavering support for 24 years, and his belief in her really did help.

Erica went to Douglas J Aveda and received her License in Cosmetology. Then she went back in 2011 to Douglas J Aveda and received her Instructor’s License where she taught for two years. Then she left to work at a Salon in Okemos for four years. Erica was always passionate about doing natural hair care. As a result, she wanted to do more for women of color that is when she decided to start her own business. Her salon is located in downtown Lansing and here is the address:

ERICA’S SALON, 1501 S. Washington Ave., Lansing, MI 48910, (517) 977-5527, Hours of Operation, Tuesday – Thursday -10:00am-6:30pm and Friday – Saturday 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Now she is able to help more women, and girls care for their hair in the way it grows from the scalp. Her business is not exclusive to black women so she has clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. Erica says, “I just wanted my place to be a haven where they can feel comfortable to get the information to care for their hair. I say what if you can’t afford to come back, or you leave out of state for a while or you move. You will be equipped with the tools that you need to care for your hair. No one person has the same texture of hair. I believe like the old folks use to say ‘Each one Teach one’. So I try my best to live by this.”

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