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Essential Gear That Every Fabrication Shop Needs

Essential Gear That Every Fabrication Shop Needs

Over time, many fabrication shops try to expand their services and increase production. Keeping up with the competition requires having the right equipment in place. Stock your inventory with the best equipment by reading this list of essential gear that every fabrication shop needs.

Stone-Cutting Equipment

The most important gear in a fabrication shop is the stone-cutting equipment, which includes routers and bridge saws. Saw blades come in various sizes and cut through many different types of stone materials. Routers are used for detailing and shaping stone edges, while bridge saws make precise cuts on large slabs of stone.

Choosing the right cutting tools is critical for making accurate cuts to stone to accomplish the overall vision of your project. This is a key reason that one of the most important things to know when buying used stone fabrication equipment is to always inspect the machines. Get a closer look before buying to ensure the blade is ready to cut through any workpieces you have.

Material Lifting Equipment

Your shop also needs the right gear for moving workpieces to and from your cutting tools. Moving heavy slabs of stone requires specialized lifting equipment. A forklift or overhead crane is necessary to move and position large slabs onto workstations. Choosing the right lifting gear is crucial to workplace efficiency and safety.

Without using the right lifting gear, the workpiece may fall over or put excessive strain on the person carrying it. Unfortunately, both scenarios can end in injury, so always have the right material handling gear in your workshop before a project.

Finishing Tools

The essential gear that every fabrication shop needs includes the right tools for putting the finishing touches on workpieces. This equipment will help you refine your workpiece, so the final results are perfect. To create a smooth and polished finish on stone surfaces, fabrication shops need a variety of finishing tools.

The most common types of tools for finishing projects include grinders, polishers, and sanders. Grinders smooth out rough edges and surfaces, while polishers use a combination of abrasives and water to achieve a high-gloss finish. A sander is essential for removing scratches and imperfections from stone surfaces. Outfitting your fabrication shop with the right equipment is essential for success in today's competitive stone products industry. Whether you're inaugurating a new shop or revamping an existing one, you can invest in advanced, efficient stone fabrication equipment today.

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