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Eviction Notice Delivered at Lansing City Hall by new community group, 517 Can't Wait

Courtesy Photo-Member of 517 Can't Wait delivers "eviction notice to Lansing City Hall

LANSING – On Friday, May 27, a new community group delivered an “eviction notice” at Lansing City Hall and Ingham County government buildings to take a stand for affordable and just housing in Lansing and Ingham County. The group, 517 Can’t Wait, is an organization of community members dedicated to fighting for affordable housing for all.

517 Can’t Wait is focused on organizing Lansing residents to build a better housing future, including more affordable housing options, tenant and renters’ rights, and equitable development.

The “eviction notice” stated:

“Good affordable housing should be a basic human right! Instead, Lansing residents are struggling with rising rents, prohibitively high housing market prices, abusive landlords and unsafe conditions. Our neighbors are out in the cold and rain, scraping change together to pay rents, and putting dreams on hold for lack of a stable foundation. This housing crisis is sustained by the inaction and complacency of local leaders with power over our housing system.

Residents are joining together to fight for Good Housing for All in the Lansing region. Now it’s up to you to decide. Will you fight alongside us? If yes, let’s join together with creativity, courage, and vision. If not, you are hereby notified that you are at risk of eviction from your position of power.”

Courtesy Photo-517 Can't Wait

In addition to the “eviction notice” the group released the following statement:

“Today, we’re sending a message to the powers that be in Lansing that we will not wait while our neighbors, friends and families struggle to pay the rent, find an affordable home to buy, or feel displaced in their own community. We’re here to demand a better future and work together to make it happen. We want to build more affordable housing for renters and owners, fight any and all discrimination and bias in housing policy and make sure that polices at the city and county level work for the people of Lansing and our future, not just wealthy developers and out-of-state speculators. We are early in this effort and we’re eager for our neighbors and folks in the community to join in this project to build a better housing future for Lansing.”

Courtesy Photo-517 Can't Wait

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