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Hip Hop Artist & Producer Torrey Gray to Release Upcoming Single Entitled “Build” (Peace, Love, Heal

Single Releasing On All Streaming Platforms

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

For More Information Visit:

Define Detroit

Courtesy Photo-Torrey Gray Performing

(Lansing, MI) – Music Producer & Hip Hop Artist Torrey Gray is proud to announce the release of his newest single entitled “Build” (Peace, Love, Heal, Grow). “Build” will be released on all streaming platforms on Saturday, January 15th, 2022. The release will also coincide with the 2022 official studio opening of the Define Detroit Studio, where artists from around Michigan can come and record work of their own.

Build Visual Art Created by Artist Mila Lynn

“Build” originates from the 32nd Prompt of Visual Artist Mila Lynn and Torrey Gray’s Inktober 2021 collaborative collection and is produced by Torrey using sounds from Monte Booker and Evil Needle drum kits. The piece also includes audio from Mila & Torrey’s Ink21 Close-Out Show that was held in November in Michigan’s Capital City of Lansing. Torrey Gray uses his lyrics to self-reflect and inspire himself as well as others. “The idea came from a canvassing job I was doing in Detroit, going door to door asking what socio-economic issues people prioritized in the community,” said Gray. “When prompted to make a song using the term “Build”, I directly reference this experience in the lyrics (Lately I’m just trying to build, the people will show you what’s real.).” Torrey wanted to release “Build” at this time in order to encourage listeners to start the year off the right way, with positive energy and good intentions. He hopes the piece shifts negative trends in hip-hop culture to inspire Peace, Love, Healing and Growth.

Courtesy Photo-Torrey Gray Performing

About the Artist:

Torrey Gray is a hip-hop artist & producer that appreciates the craft for the trait it was created through: Versatility. He feels he is at his best when he’s tapped into the freedom of sound and genre exploration. The founder of Define Detroit, Torrey has become a fixture in the underground music scene of multiple cities throughout Michigan. Torrey grew up in Detroit and Downriver in Southeast Michigan. He was raised by his mother, who in addition to being a single mom, also served in the US Army during his youth. She introduced him to music from the MP3 player she brought back from overseas containing a variety of music her fellow soldiers had uploaded. This would be the foundation for Torrey’s love of music. Throughout high school Torrey played the Baritone and Tuba for orchestra and marching band while also taking piano lessons. After high school, Torrey attended Henry Ford College as a graphic design major. He began spending time with artists and developed cover art and various forms of promotional content, ultimately leading him back to creating music. He would go on to study at The Art Institute and the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Torrey would join the US Armed Forces, and currently serves in the US Air National Guard.

Courtesy Photo-Torrey Speaking

Torrey has performed for his fellow service members at a US military base in the Kingdom of Jordan. He has also performed here in the United States at the College for Creative Studies, multiple Artist’s Umbrella events in Lansing, in collaboration with visual artist Mila Lynn for Inktober 2020, and at the Enjoy Detroit’s 7th Annual Barbecue Event. He has been featured in The Palm Reader, & on the Michigan Reimagined Podcast with host Chris Buck. With intentions to help others do what he loves to do, Torrey created & founded Define Detroit in 2019 as a platform to showcase some of Michigan’s hidden talents and provide opportunities that may not be available otherwise. Torrey has produced music in his home studio in Detroit, as well as running sessions for artists at The Grid in Detroit, MI. Torrey has had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of professional artists & musicians including Kyle Mack, Dominique Mary Davis, Swam Lewis, & Bryce the Third.

About Define Detroit:

Define Detroit's mission is to provide a platform for local artists in the Greater Detroit Area with community, content, and opportunities that may not be available otherwise. In doing so, we will nourish the artistic community and continuously build unity through creative means.

Courtesy Photo-Torrey Gray of "Define Detroit"

For more information on Torrey Gray, and his work visit:

To access the pre-save link in Spotify, visit:

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