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Home Improvement Projects You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Home Improvement Projects You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Home renovations are expensive, so homeowners do DIY projects to save money. Without expertise, people risk damaging their homes and paying for pricey repairs. Learn about these home improvement projects you shouldn’t do yourself so you’ll know when to call a professional.

Removing Chipped Paint

Removing chipped paint may seem like a simple, harmless task. Unfortunately, it can cause some serious health issues. If you have an older home (built before 1978), it could have lead-based paint in some areas. Inhaling or ingesting high levels of lead-based paint can cause lead poisoning.

It’s best to hire a professional experienced in lead-paint management. They’ll safely remove the material from your home.

Installing a New Roof

Your roof is the main source of protection from the elements. If you want an upgrade, you may think it’s cheaper and simpler to do it yourself. However, roofing is not a DIY project because it’s dangerous. You could fall or use the wrong installation technique. No one wants an injury or an unfinished roof. Don’t risk your safety or your home’s structure by taking this project on yourself. It’s not worth it!

Changing Bathroom Plumbing

Fixing a leaky sink or running toilet is one thing, but changing your bathroom plumbing is another ordeal. Plumbing and electricity are near each other in bathrooms. You may accidentally knock the power out by removing the wrong things. You can also hit incorrect pipes, leading to bathroom floods. Hire a plumber and contractor for renovations.

Replacing Electrical Panels

Unless you’re a licensed electrician, replacing electrical panels is a project you shouldn’t do yourself. Replacing the panel may lead to faulty electrical work that increases the risk of fires. You also risk electrocution, which causes burns, irregular heartbeats, nerve damage, and loss of consciousness.

Electrical panels require code compliance, which professionals understand. For these reasons, don’t mess with wires, circuits, or anything else. You’re better off leaving this project to a licensed electrician.

Demolishing Walls

You may want to remove walls to expand rooms. After all, who wouldn’t love a large den or bedroom? Even if you consider yourself “handy,” don’t demolish walls yourself. You need a contractor to verify your wall isn’t load bearing. If you remove a load-bearing wall, you risk severe consequences like injuries and the roof caving in.

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