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Is an Ingham County Judge leaving the bench to lead MSU?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina has confirmed to the Lansing State Journal that she’s interested in becoming Michigan State’s next president. On an interim basis, then, possibly, permanently.

Survivors of sexual abuse from former MSU sports team physician, Dr. Larry Nassar, have been trying to get Aquilina to take a leadership role at Michigan State. She’s the judge who sentenced Nassar to life in prison for sexually abusing members of the women’s gymnastics team under the guise of medical treatment.

The mishandling of the Nassar case led to the ouster of former university President Lou Anna Simon and Athletic Director Mark Hollis within days of each other in January 2018.

Current MSU president, Dr. Samuel Stanley, turned in his resignation on October 13th, citing his displeasure with the school’s Board of Trustees which wanted to investigate Stanley’s handling of Title IX reports.

Reportedly, the trustees want to appoint an interim president soon since Dr. Stanley will be leaving campus by the middle of January when his 90-day notice ends.

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