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LEAP Helps A Plus International Culture Communications, Inc. Launch US Operations in Lansing, MI

Chinese Company to Offer Educational and Cultural Exchange Opportunities

LANSING, Mich. (Aug. 2, 2022) — An exciting new educational and cultural exchange company is coming to Lansing, Michigan, thanks in part to the Lansing Economic Area Partnership’s (LEAP) foreign direct investment (FDI) soft landing program. Representatives from A Plus International Culture Communication, Inc., were joined by LEAP, local elected officials and education partners in Lansing today to announce the launch of its U.S.-based cultural exchange operations.

“A Plus International Culture and Communication will put all our efforts in cultural and educational cooperation between China and America. We strive to build a bridge between the American and Chinese education systems. We will create more opportunities for cultural exchange for the younger generation. Lansing is a perfect starting point with its quality education and full support of newly created companies. We look forward to a bright future,” said Ms. Guiping Yin, General Manager and Vice President of Operation, A Plus International Culture Communication, Inc.

A Plus International Culture Communication Inc. is a China-based company that liaises with partners/universities in the U.S. to host visiting students and their families from China. Over time, the company will create opportunities for American students to travel to China to participate in A Plus’s cultural exchange programs.

“The flow and exchange of ideas and culture are vital for creating a thriving international community that attracts talent and businesses from around the world,” said Bob Trezise, president and CEO of LEAP. “A Plus is another great example of how LEAP’s attraction efforts are working to create jobs and investment to the Lansing region. Of course, as usual, these efforts rely on great partners. Thank you to the Michigan Capital Region Small Business Development Center (MI-SBDC) and our great friend He Xian from Butzel law firm for helping bring this project to fruition.”

LEAP has a demonstrated track record of supporting foreign-owned companies with landing in the Lansing region through its FDI soft landing program, The Global Lansing Initiative, which was instrumental in attracting A Plus to the Lansing region and its initial office space in Lansing.

“I am always excited to welcome new businesses to Lansing, especially those with an international focus. LEAP’s Global Lansing Initiative is tailored specifically for instances like this, where we can bring in new foreign investment and help show off Lansing to the rest of the world,” Lansing Mayor Andy Schor stated.

Using space at Shared Office Space (SOS) of Lansing located in the Prudden Tech Center, A Plus will connect with other partners in the area to launch its programs.

“We are happy to be a space that supports Lansing entrepreneurs and small businesses alongside companies making their entry into the region,” said Co-founder of SOS, Steve Purchase. “It is great to welcome A+ to Lansing, and we can’t wait to open our brand new space this fall.”

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