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Partnership Alert! LEAP and the Chronicle news to team up for local businesses

Lansing, MI July 13, 2022-The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP,) is excited to announce a new partnership with The Chronicle News!

LEAP’s goal as an organization is to grow an economy for all, to build a stronger community, to retain and attract business, and to commit to relentless advocacy on behalf of our entire region.

LEAP believes that partnerships are the foundation of our success — hence our motto, Stronger Together. This new partnership with The Chronicle News allows LEAP to share programming and opportunities with a wider audience and expands locations in Lansing that carry The Chronicle.

The Chronicle News will soon be available at the following LEAP affiliated businesses:

The Village Lansing

Socialight Society

Fetish LLC

Trouble Shooters Technical Support

Kolele Energy

UnCovered Beauty Studio

Better Than Urs Designs

Nature’s 92

Lesha P Experience

Rey of Light Salon

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