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Local Award-Winning Visual Artist/Body Painter Helps Apple Blossom

Courtesy Photo-Sarah Blossom

(Lansing/East Lansing, MI) – A creative partnership between two women-owned businesses is driving traffic & creating place near Frandor. Award Winning Artistic Entrepreneur & Body Painter Sarah Sanders, the owner of Contrasted Content LLC will have her ‘Windows to Eden: A Geometric Landscape Body’ Collection on display at Apple Blossom Kombucha, owned & operated by Caley Gunthorpe, throughout the spring. Sarah’s work can be viewed during Apple Blossom Kombucha’s regular business hours, Tuesday & Thursday from 11am – 6pm. An artist meet & greet is being planned for some time in Spring of 2021, & Sarah plans to appear in a body paint uniquely designed for the event & collection. For more information on the collection & partnership visit

Courtesy Photo-Windows to Eden

Two members of the local business community, a local female artist who wanted to have her art on display & available for purchase, and a local female kombucha business owner who wanted to drive business to her new tap room near Frandor realized they could work together to accomplish both of their goals. “I had this wall space and thought it would be nice to have a local artist display their work,” says Caley Gunthorpe, owner & operator of Apple Blossom Kombucha. Sarah Sanders, an award winning local artists & Lansing Community College graduate, had come highly recommended, and the two worked out the details of the partnership. At that point, Sarah began work on the pieces that would become the ‘Windows to Eden: A Geometric Landscape Body’ Collection, which consists of eight different pieces, split into 2 different sets. It is one of the first, if not the first collection to predominantly feature a form of Gold Leafing in the Capital Region. Sarah wanted to create pieces that not only were unique & stood out, but something that people would gravitate to. “Just like the apple blossom attracts bees to pollinate, I’m hopeful & confident that the ‘Windows to Eden’ Collection will attract patrons to Apple Blossom Kombucha’s tap room,” says Sanders. Visitor can come & enjoy the variety of delicious kombucha that Caley has brewed, while also getting to enjoy the exceptional work of one of the Capital Region community’s award winning artists. Sarah also wants visitors and art enthusiast to know that the collection is available to purchase either individually or as a set.

About The Artist:

Sarah Sanders is a mixed media artist & body painter with extensive experience in installation art, music, mural work, body casting, video art, makeup, photography, frame design, cake decorating, and floral design. She has transferred body paints onto canvas, canvas work onto cupcakes, pastel work into video work, and prides herself on being able to make art versatile with the medium. She is the owner of Contrasted Content LLC, a for profit art business located in Lansing at the Cedar Street Art Collective.

Sarah earned an Associate’s Degree in Arts Foundation, and an Associate’s Degree in Art History from Lansing Community College, where you can also see her work displayed publicly & permanently as the winner of The 2017 Zimmerman Arts Fund Competition. She was also selected as the Cover Artists for the 2020 Social Gap Experiment Creative Anthology. Additionally, Sarah has won The Award of Excellence for outstanding performance and contribution to the 2014-2015 Art Gallery Exhibit & Celebration from Ingham Intermediate School District and Lansing Art Gallery, The Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement in Visual Arts at Mason High School, and The Outstanding Performance of Excellence in Visual Arts from Mason Public Schools and the Mason City Council. Sarah’s work has also been seen at the Ingham County Fair Art Contest, MSUFCU Art Exhibit, Ingham Intermediate School District, From Soup to Art: A Fundraising Auction for Arts Initiative of Mason, and the Mason Emerging Artist Event & Exhibition. Sarah was born & raised in Mason, MI, Her art studio is located in Lansing. To purchase Sarah’s work,

About the Establishment:

Apple Blossom Kombucha makes kombucha as close to the traditional way as possible while sourcing as local as possible. Kombucha is fermented tea. It is lightly bubbly, with a little 'tang'. It is primarily made with green or black tea and is known for probiotic benefits. Apple Blossom uses a blend of teas, MI sugar, and real fruits, vegetables, and herbs from local farmers they know. Apple Blossom Kombucha wants to know where their ingredients come from, and are dedicated to supporting local! In addition to their ingredients being local, all of their design work, bottles, boxes, labels, caps, and much of their equipment is Michigan made as well! Apple Blossom Kombucha works hard to keep things local, because the money spent here, stays here. In addition to their location near Frandor, Apple Blossom Kombucha can be purchased at over a dozen local area eateries, cafés, & beverage establishments.

For more information on the ‘Windows to Eden: A Geometric Landscape Body’ Collection, to purchase one of the pieces or sets, or to inquire about business partnerships with Contrasted Content LLC, contact Sarah directly at:

For more information on Apple Blossom Kombucha visit:

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