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Precious Stones for Precious People: Artist Donates over 200 Pendants to COVID-Unit Nurses

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Courtesy Photo-Front Line Workers from McLaren & Sparrow Hospital

(Lansing, MI) – Local Stone Jeweler & Artist Danielle Smith, wanted to show her appreciation to the front line workers at Lansing’s Sparrow & McLaren Hospitals. Danielle, along with her mother Robin, own Lithic Creation, a local business that makes stone jewelry. They decided to make & donate over 250 Wire Wrapped Amethyst Pendants to nurses & doctors specifically in the COVID and I.C.U. units of both hospitals. They made the pendants with Amethyst since it is traditionally known as a protection stone. Danielle & her mother wanted to give protective pendants to the people who are in harm’s way fighting the virus, and helping others heel throughout the pandemic.

‘The Precious Stones for Precious People’ Project was an idea Danielle had back in May of 2020 to create the pendants as a show of appreciation to frontline hospital workers. “We wanted all of the healthcare workers to know that we saw them, we still see them, and that we appreciate everything they have done for the people of Lansing, and our community since the world changed a year ago,” said Danielle. It took almost a year to actually make all of the pieces by hand. Danielle, her family, and her team at Lithic Creation were able to finish the pendants by March of 2021. They then delivered the pendants to the two Lansing hospitals at the beginning of April. Each pendant is attached to a necklace/leather neckband, and have been given along with a Thank You’ card.

Courtesy Photo

With the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Michigan, these frontline healthcare workers will continue to sacrifice of themselves in an effort to combat the virus. Danielle is happy that she could give them a physical reminder that they are thought of, & appreciated. “These nurses & doctors are heroes that made themselves present in a time that is unprecedented,” said Danielle. “Those are the people that need to be celebrated.”

About Lithic Creation:

Lithic Creation is a women owned, Michigan based jewelry & precious stone business founded in 2019 by Danielle Smith, along with her parents, Steve & Robin Smith. Lithic Creation focuses on creating one of a kind jewelry from stones while providing stone work including slabs, specimens and collectables. The company provides you with information about where your piece came from, and how it was made. There is a unique story behind every piece they create. A large number of Lithic Creation’s collections consist of stones indigenous to Michigan, and they pride themselves on showcasing the beauty of their home state. They also use recycled materials, and they recycle their scrap metal back into their production creating a sustainable business that is environmentally conscious. Each piece is custom cut & custom wrapped, even if it comes from the same stone or slab, making each piece a one of a kind.

Find out more about Lithic Creation at

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