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Love Lansing Like A Local

While summer in Michigan is usually the season to travel up north or visit family or friends at their place, this summer might be the perfect time to reconnect with all that Lansing offers. We know that when you have company staying for a few days or more it’s nice to be prepared to keep them busy.

By downloading the free Lansing Experience Pass, you and your visitors discover or rediscover all Greater Lansing offers. This is your time to shine and be the perfect host for your summertime visitors. Bonus - they’ll head home with a new appreciation for you, Lansing and some fun souvenirs from their visit.

When you sign up and download the new digital Lansing Experience Pass to your phone’s home screen you can find a comprehensive list of entertaining opportunities that both locals and visitors can discover.

This free gamified passport allows users to check in to the participating places, accumulate points for each check-in and redeem those points to win some great #LoveLansing swag. With dozens of places to visit, it’s a great reminder that there are a lot of fun things to see and do right here in Greater Lansing.

What’s on the Pass?

With over 50 participating places, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Think local outdoor recreation like kayak rentals from River Town Adventures, golf courses including footgolf at Royal Scot and Little Hawk putting course, parks and gardens and nature centers. Or family fun activity centers like Zap Zone XL, High Caliber Karting, Spare Time Entertainment Center or Launch Lansing for go-karting, laser tag, arcades and a lot of bouncing.

By using the Lansing Experience Pass people can use the filters to find what’s near to visit and get even more points, or there’s another filter for special offers or discounts. There’s also a breakdown of categories in case users are looking for specific experiences. Find everything from family attractions, outdoor recreation, golf, museums and attractions and arts and culture.

For those with a limited time frame, there is also a category of “Don’t Miss” and a “Free Things to Do” list for budget-conscious users. A free pass and free things to see and do? That makes you a winner before you even check-in and earn the points.

Ideas on When to Use the Greater Lansing Experience Pass

While this is a year-round pass, it just might be fun to challenge your friends or family as to how many places you can visit in a limited time. See who can get the most points or visit the most locations. Add up those points and redeem for some fun drinkware, socks, stickers and decals, a clear crossbody bag suitable for stadium use and more. There are places for multiple generations like the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum or Impression 5, located right next door to each other. This is also a way to keep guests entertained for a few hours or a few days.

Love local craft breweries, boutique wineries, and artisan distilleries? Sip, sip, hooray! There’s a Lansing Craft Beverage Pass with the same concept. The Lansing region has close to 20 options where you can sip, sample and savor, check-in, get points and score some great prizes.

Take the time to love Lansing like a local this summer. Share your pride in your community with your family and friends.

1. Download the pass to your phone

2. Check in to participating attractions

3. Accumulate points for each check-in

4.Redeem those points for #lovelansing swag

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