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Massage, Soups, and Wellness

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

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Denise Moss is a Renaissance woman. She is a licensed physical therapist. A home chef. A gardener who believes in and promotes a holistic approach to healing. In 2004 she started a massage therapy business called Hands for Kneads Massage. Somewhere in her 16-year massage therapy journey, Moss has developed a wellness approach with her massage therapy. "I believe in a holistic approach that features nature's natural cures,” explained Moss. “There are many herbs and spices that offer benefits like modern medicines. I am not against regular medicines; I just prefer natural cures.”

About 11 years ago, Moss started a large garden. She started the garden because her grandparents always had a garden; Moss admitted that she never took part in the work to create or maintain her grandparent's garden, but her views changed later in life.

Moss originally planted a garden to share with a grandmother who was celebrating her 90th. Health concerns sidelined her grandmother. Moss wasn’t able to share that garden with her grandmother but decided to continue the tradition. "I guess, if you are raised in a certain style, it becomes part of you,” said Moss. Moss combined her love of cooking and her garden, creating and marketing healthy soups and cha-chas. "The soups are right in line with my healthy and holistic approach," added Moss.

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Besides offering a traditional massage, Moss incorporates stretching and any techniques that will assist pain reduction, range of motion, and circulation. Moss explains that she’s a therapeutic massage therapist, and as such, he does massage therapy to help people keep going. “Most people don’t come to me for the fluff massage," Moss said. "They usually have an area of their bodies in distress and in need of therapy." Moss's most popular product is her massage therapy. "I've been doing massage therapy the longest," said Moss. "It's kind of my specialty. I’ve been doing that for the longest time. It’s how most people know me.”

Moss, a 30-year transplant to Jackson, Michigan, grew up in Lansing. While mom and dad had traditional jobs, it was Moss's grandfather who was the entrepreneur.

Happiness to Moss is making a difference in people's lives. Her favorite pastime is a good old fashion workout. When asked where her favorite place in the world would be, Moss responded with a tropical island description. "That would be ideal," smiled Moss.

As for a pearl of business wisdom, “follow your dreams,” exclaimed Moss. "Don't be afraid to step out on faith."

If you are interested in massage therapy and wellness, or you would like to try her soups, check out Moss’s company on her Facebook page at

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