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Meet Teresa A. Caine Bingman, Esq. Social Justice Warrior

Updated: May 13

Courtesy Photo-Mrs. Teresa A. Caine Bingman Attorney at Law


Social Justice Warrior

Teresa A. Caine Bingman owns and operates The Law Offices of Teresa A. Bingman, which is located in Lansing, Michigan. She is the former Deputy Legal Counsel and Cabinet Secretary for Jennifer M. Granholm, Michigan’s 47th Governor (now United States Secretary of Energy).

Bingman Social Justice Warrior and also served as an Assistant Attorney General in Michigan under Attorney General Granholm. Earlier in her career, Bingman served as the Managing Attorney for UAW-GM Legal Services offices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Flint, Michigan; General Counsel for the Oklahoma State Drug Bureau; and an Assistant District Attorney in Cleveland, Garvin, and McClain Counties in Oklahoma.

In July 2020, following the death of George Floyd, Lansing’s Mayor, Andy Schor hired Bingman as the lead expert consultant to work with a group of city leaders, community activists, leaders, and influencers to develop a plan and structure for the Mayor’s Racial Justice and Equity Alliance (MRJEA). The plan, which is now in the implementation phase, was approved by Mayor Schor and released to the public in August 2021. Bingman continues to work as a consultant with the City of Lansing to assist with the implementation of the plan.

A highlight of Bingman’s career includes partnering with the Flint Water Class Action Legal Team, in 2017 to represent Flint clients through class action litigation to address the aftermath of what has become known as the Flint Water Crisis. Although litigation continues in this matter, in August 2020, several Defendants, including the State of Michigan, agreed to settle their claims.

Bingman co-founded the University-Community Empowerment Center at Western Michigan University (WMU), a research, consultation, and training center designed to empower communities to reduce poverty, and served as an Adjunct Professor at WMU.

She has worked as a consultant on a variety of personnel, strategic planning, and community outreach projects throughout the state of Michigan. Bingman is also the co-owner of The Black Success Network and Career Training Camp, along with business partners Dr. Lloyd G. Bingman (her husband), and their family friend and former NFL “great” Todd (T.J.) Duckett.

Licensed to practice law in Michigan and Oklahoma, Bingman is an active member of the Michigan State Bar, having served on the Standing Committee on Justice Initiatives, the Representative Assembly, and the Character and Fitness Committee. She is a member of the Davis Dunnings Bar Association and the Ingham County Bar Association. Bingman is a member of community service organizations, including Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., The Links, Incorporated, and CHUMS, Inc., where she has served in various local, state, and national roles.

She’s a volunteer for AARP Michigan, a Board Member of Michigan Women Forward, and serves on the Executive Board for the University of Oklahoma National Black Alumni Society. Bingman is also a former Trustee for Michigan State University College of Law. She is a member of Union Missionary Baptist Church in Lansing.

Bingman earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University in 1985 and a Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1988.


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