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Michigan Nurse Provides Health Services at World's Largest IV Drip Bar During Super Bowl

Courtesy Photo-Facey Stacey Health Spa Represents Michigan at the Inaugural IV Drip Con in Las Vegas During Super Bowl Weekend 

Detroit, MI – 1/29/2024 Facey Stacey Health Spa, a pioneering Michigan-based wellness company, is proud to announce its participation in the first-ever IV Drip Con, coinciding with the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. This landmark event is set to revolutionize community health awareness, especially during a time when the city expects more than 330,000 guests for the Super Bowl weekend. 

IV DripCon, located strategically near Allegiant Stadium, February 9-11th is not just a convention: it's a community-focused wellness initiative. In partnership with local universities and nurse-owned IV hydration businesses from across the country, IV DripCon aims to promote health and wellness among residents and visitors alike. 

"We are thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking event," said Stacie Croffe, CEO of Facey Stacey Health Spa. "Representing Michigan at IV Drip Con is an honor. Our goal is to bring attention to the importance of hydration and wellness, especially in an environment where people are celebrating and may not know how to support their health." 

The convention will offer a range of health-focused services, including free blood pressure checks, complimentary massages, B12 vitamin shots, and immunity boosts. These services are designed to help offset the potential health impacts of the influx of visitors and the consumption of alcohol, aiming to reduce community-acquired illnesses and acute hospitalizations. 

IV Drip Con's innovative approach to health during one of the year's most significant sporting events showcases a new paradigm in public health and event-based wellness initiatives. "We believe that an event of this magnitude is not just an opportunity to celebrate, but also to care for the health and well-being of the community and its visitors," Stacie added. 

As a leader in IV vitamin therapy and wellness, Facey Stacey Health Spa’s presence at IV Drip Con is a testament to the company’s commitment to health, innovation, and community service. 

IV DripCon

February 9-11th

Event Center

4975 Dean Martin Dr.

Las Vegas, NV 89118

For more information about IV Drip Con and the services offered by Facey Stacey Health Spa, please visit Facey Stacey Events under our events tab or contact Stacie Croffe. 

About Facey Stacey Health Spa Based in Novi, Michigan, Facey Stacey Health Spa is at the forefront of wellness and IV vitamin therapy. With a focus on innovative health solutions, the spa offers a range of services designed to enhance overall well-being and cater to specific health needs. Committed to excellence in service and community health, Facey Stacey is a beacon of wellness in Michigan and beyond.


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