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Morgan Elizabeth Cole for 30th Circuit Court Judge

Courtesy Photo-Morgan Elizabeth Cole

Ingham County voters will be electing a new judge to the 30th Circuit Court this November. You have the right to know who is adjudicating issues as important as child custody, substance abuse treatment, and domestic violence in Ingham.

My name is Morgan Elizabeth Cole, and I am running to serve the children and families of Ingham County on the 30th Circuit Court.

Through my experience as a Friend of the Court Conciliator and the current Ingham County Probate Register and Court Administrator, I have been a part of the proceedings of the Court. I understand the needs of families who come before the Court and have served these needs for almost 12 years.

Several sitting judges on the Circuit Court have endorsed me to become their colleague and peer, including Judge Rosemarie Aquilina and Judge Janelle Lawless. Those who live this position every day have the confidence that I will pursue justice as they do.

Although we elect judges, they cannot be political. The judiciary must maintain nonpartisan, impartial adherence to the law and to justice. The families who come before the Court are seeking compassion, guidance, and clarity.

I live in Ingham County, where my husband and I are raising our three children. I care about the future of our community. As the next Judge to sit on the 30th Circuit Court, I can help shape a healthier future for us all.

On November 3, or on your absentee ballot, please make sure you vote in nonpartisan races. Our balanced Democratic system depends on you to help shape our community through informed, deliberate choices for our Courts. I would appreciate your vote for 30th Circuit Court Judge.

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