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Motor City Roots Festival Celebrates Cannabis Culture

Along with Live Performances by Babyface Ray and Babytron in Detroit

Courtesy of Brandon Mathews

The Motor City Roots Festival is excited to announce its highly anticipated cannabis consumption and music event on July 29, 2023, at the iconic Russell Industrial Center. This groundbreaking festival will showcase an extraordinary lineup of live performances, engaging podcasts, and a cannabis awards show, all aimed at celebrating the intersection of cannabis culture and the vibrant local music scene in Detroit. From 12 PM to 10 PM, festival-goers will be treated to an unforgettable experience, as the Motor City Roots Festival brings together renowned artists, up-and-coming talent, and cannabis enthusiasts for a day of entertainment, education, and community celebration. With live performances by industry heavyweights such as Babytron and Babyface Ray, attendees can expect an electrifying atmosphere filled with mesmerizing music and captivating beats. As a unique highlight, the festival will host a cannabis awards show, recognizing excellence in the cannabis industry. With 14 categories, the awards will acknowledge the innovators, advocates, and trailblazers who have contributed to the growth and development of this thriving industry. From groundbreaking cannabis products to exceptional service providers, the awards show will shine a spotlight on the individuals and organizations shaping the future of the cannabis landscape. Motor City Roots Festival founder, Chris Roberson (retired NFL player), shared his excitement about the upcoming event, stating, "We are thrilled to bring together the best of Detroit's music talent and the cannabis industry in one spectacular festival. Motor City Roots Festival aims to showcase the rich cultural heritage of our city while embracing the growing cannabis movement. This event is a platform to celebrate local artists, inspire connections, and foster a sense of community." In addition to the captivating performances, the festival will feature a live podcast, “The Weedbar,” allowing attendees to engage with thought-provoking discussions and gain insights from influential voices in the cannabis and music industries. Tickets for the Motor City Roots Festival are now available for purchase. Early bird ticket sales will begin on Tuesday, June 6th, and due to the high demand and limited supply, interested attendees are encouraged to secure their tickets promptly. To purchase tickets, please visit [Ticket Link:]. For more information about the festival, including the complete lineup and event details, please visit the official website at [].

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