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Obama 'kid' a Victim of Misinformation?

According to some on social media, former first-daughter Sasha Obama ruffled some feathers recently. Seems the youngest daughter of Former President Barack and Michele Obama was seen sporting a Telfar’s oxblood bag to carry her books across campus at the University of Southern California a couple of weeks ago.

A blogger named Peter Dredd tweeted a photo and said the bag Sasha was toting cost $700! kid uses a pricey bag just to carry her school books around, hmmmmm?

No! It was a distortion of the truth. A check online at finds the bag retails for $257, about the same price as the typical star basketball player's signature sneaker from Nike, or Addidas.

Sasha Obama transferred this fall to USC from the University of Michigan. Being in southern California puts her close to her big sister Malia, a Harvard grad, who’s working in Hollywood as a screenwriter.

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