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OwnCrib Launches Self-Service Home Buying and Selling Website

Lansing, Mich., July 13, 2022 — OwnCrib announced it has launched its self-service,

automated, online real estate platform, which simplifies the home buying and selling processes, potentially saving the average seller over $20,000 in real estate agent fees per transaction and making buyers’ offers up to 3% stronger. The online tool comes at an ideal time in the real estate market, as prices skyrocket, and buyers often have to work to outbid other interested buyers.

“OwnCrib subscribers can offer sellers less than buyers with traditional means, and still make

the seller more money with our service,” said Ryan Carpenter, president and CEO, OwnCrib.

“Many people are even being convinced to waive inspections and appraisals in order to

increase their chances of winning the bidding war, which puts them at risk by removing their

only protections. With OwnCrib, you can still have the inspection and appraisal, because the

seller is making more money off their offer, so it’s worth the extra week or two to them.”

Now available in Michigan markets, OwnCrib eliminates the need for the traditional processes and players and is available for a flat fee, regardless of the purchase price.

“No one cares more about the purchase or sale of your home than you, so we empower you

with the tools to manage that process at your pace,” Carpenter said. “Self-service is the future for nearly all industries, and with the money we are talking about with real estate, it only makes sense that market is next. That is why we are bringing to market an automated online platform that provides the tools, third parties and contracts necessary for people to easily handle their real estate transaction, fully on their own.”

Carpenter, a former real estate agent and mortgage loan originator, founded OwnCrib after

realizing most of his job had become “automate-able,” making the traditional home buying and selling processes obsolete. While there are other online real estate services, OwnCrib has no hidden fees and brings both home buyers and sellers together into one platform, saving the maximum amount possible for both parties in the transaction.

“Most online platforms act more as a discount brokerage firm, or lead-referral source for

agents,” said OwnCrib’s co-founder, Rachel Sanchez. “They have many hidden fees, so when

you look at the whole picture, you end up with negligible savings, if any. With OwnCrib, you will essentially spend close to the same amount of time you would with an agent, but you get to keep your money.”

Purchase and sales negotiations are handled directly between parties who can choose to use the platform services to communicate. OwnCrib is continuously working on introducing

additional features to enhance the experience and further automate the processes and functions of scheduling, negotiating, and interactions between third parties. Although financing is still handled through traditional financial institutions, OwnCrib is currently in the process of partnering with mortgage lenders and title companies to provide an even more streamlined process to its clients.

With OwnCrib, buyers and sellers can choose from packages that range from $299 for the

“Basic Buyer Package” up to $999 for the “Premium Seller Package,” which includes a number of additional features, such as an experienced transactional coordinator to oversee the transaction. To learn more about OwnCrib, please visit

About OwnCrib

OwnCrib is a completely self-serve, automated, online real estate platform that makes it easy for anyone to sell or purchase their own home. OwnCrib’s platform walks home sellers and buyers through the transaction process, with an automated process checklist, video explainers, the contracts and documentation required, and access to the third party contacts needed to complete the deal. Learn more at

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