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Updated: May 28

autism acceptance

Courtesy of Autism Alliance of Michigan and Premier Grow


Michigan-based cultivator, Premier Grow is proud to announce the launch of its newest campaign, "Growing a Premier Community," aimed at promoting Autism acceptance and inclusion. April is Autism Acceptance Month, and Premier Grow is committed to supporting this important movement through its special edition packaging and donations to the Autism Alliance of Michigan. Premier Grow's CEO, Raffi Muschegian, is driven by his love and dedication to his twin sons with Autism, inspiring him to launch a campaign for Autism acceptance. As a single father, Raffi has poured his heart and soul into this, with a desire to create a better world for his sons and others in the community. He has big dreams for his sons and hopes that one day they will be able to take over the family business and continue spreading a message of acceptance and compassion. The company also has a long-term goal of hiring more individuals on the spectrum and those with disabilities, providing them with opportunities for growth and development within the company. Premier Grow believes that everyone deserves a chance to pursue their passions and contribute to their fullest potential, regardless of any perceived limitations. By purchasing products with this packaging, you are not only supporting Premier Grow's commitment to Autism acceptance, but you are also contributing to a meaningful cause. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these products will be donated to the Autism Alliance of Michigan, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources, education, and advocacy for individuals with Autism and their families. "We believe that it is important to create a world that is inclusive and accepting of all, we invite you to join us in supporting this cause," said Muschegian. "Through this campaign, we hope to raise awareness and increase acceptance for the Autistic community, and we thank you for your support." The special edition packaging will be available at Evergreen Wellness, The Herbalist, Green Genie on McNichols, and other select dispensaries statewide for more information on how to support this fundraiser head to ABOUT THE AUTISM ALLIANCE OF MICHIGAN The Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAoM) is a 501(c)(3) organization and trusted ally and partner for thousands of families dealing with Autism. AAoM’s mission is to lead efforts to raise expectations and expand opportunities for people affected by autism across their lifespan. We work to create a more accepting future for all people by cultivating a world rich in diverse abilities, talents, and ideas. An AAoM navigator can be reached at 877-463-2266 (AAOM) or email at More information about AAoM can be found at

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