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Seizing the Opportunity, Hannah Rainy becomes an Opportunity Arts Affiliate

Courtesy Photo-Hannah Rainy

(Lansing, MI) - Hannah Rainy is a professional painter & poet from Lansing, MI. She also considers Chattanooga, TN a second home. Hannah simply wants to share her perspective of the journey of life, the little intricate moments and details through painting and words. She loves creating life through conversations about art and creativity, and how it connects us to one another. Hannah tries not to limit or label what something should or should not be. Her art is about perspective, and some of the art is based off of dreams, personal experiences with different ways of thinking, as well as with influences of the concept duality. As she changes, grows & evolves, so does the art she makes. It's a constant learning and evolving process, making life so much more beautiful and meaningful. Hannah has shared her poetry in a multitude of places including Chattanooga's Rhyme and Chat events, as well as a poetry show by Demond Moultrie. Artists from the region such as Genesis the Greykid , Rondel Crier and Kren the Curator were all artists Hannah looked up to in the community. These artists had a huge influence on why she loves the art community today. It showed her that art could be a career path, and she wants to take that same love for the arts and connection wherever she goes in life. Hannah has also preformed several pieces at the Conscious Streamers events, and other open mic events throughout Lansing. She has received multiple awards for her creative writing throughout the years, as well as awards for most creative welding while a student in high school. She holds a degree in welding with Mig, Tig, and Stick, as well as flux core welding. This led Hannah, at 17 years old, to work with international artists such as sculptor Isaac Duncan. Hannah has researched the basics of color theory, color psychology, web design & graphic design basics, while also having and interest in UI/UX design. Hannah comes from a family of artists & creatives. Her mom has always had a way with words & drawing, and with how she observers things and expresses them. In addition, her mom’s side of the family has always been creative writers, poets, actors & authors. Hannah’s mom also used to take her to blues and jazz shows where she would take the opportunity on her own to get to know the artists & musicians further, and was able to really connect with other artist at a young age. Hannah’s dad has always been musical and has a passion for cars. He had a huge influence on Hannah’s love for musical arts and poetry. He used to play everything from 60s to 80s in his 1967 Cadillac, telling her all sorts of facts about musicians like Jimmy Hendrix and The Doors. Hannah’s dad also plays the bass guitar and has played several solo shows, and with bands in Chattanooga. He used to take Hannah to a hotel in downtown Chattanooga and I would play on this grand piano as people walked by. Hannah was also exposed to the car show environment of pin striping, old-school tattoos, and weird unordinary art growing up. One of her grandfathers also customized old cars and hot rods in Lansing, while the other grandfather was very diverse in his art making, paintings, and sculptures. Hannah loves living, and part of living for her is the process of being alive every single day including meeting people, meeting the different versions of people, and that includes herself. Even at a young age, Hannah knew creating, not just painting or poetry, but creating in general, is what she was meant to do. Hannah loves the idea of change and having a full life of experiences. For her, that happens best when she’s creating art, writing poetry, or having a meaningful conversation. Art is very much her preferred method of communication, and she wants to use her work to raise awareness about Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) & mental health issues. Hannah wants that love of living to lead her on her journey around the world, traveling and meeting other creatives with similar passions. For more information on Hannah & her work visit: Instagram: @Rainydarkfi


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