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Introducing Laur'e Pen the Jingle Queen

Courtesy Photo-Laur'e Pen

Lauren Watson is an infectious young personality, with a knack for walking to the beat of her very own drum. She is a sound designer, songwriter, and singer. She grew up being inspired by many of the twentieth century’s recording artists like Lauryn Hill, Black Eye Peas, Beyonce, Frankie Beverly, Curtis Jackson, Michael Jackson, and James Brown to name a few. But Lauren is definitely a product of the twenty-first century.

She was born and raised in the mid-west region of Columbus, Ohio. She found out she had a talent for singing at the age of 13 but didn't really start getting serious about her craft until a few years later. It was throughout her exploration of singing; she found a passion for sound design and creative writing (Jingles). The idea of Foley and ADR effects came naturally as she was always interested in creating and implementing innovative sounds to contribute to the uniqueness of her music and visual content.

Lauren aka Laur'e Pen got her name from her alter ego. "Laur'e" which is sexy, and confident, and "Pen", is notable for her songwriting mastery that she has developed over time. Laur'e has always been the unique one and that bled into her craft through constant experimentation with her music, striving to create new and progressive sounds.

Lauren is a multi-genre creative broadening her appeal to a mass following. But if you had to categorize her I wouldn't try. It’s like trying to categorize Miracle Whip, Kleenex, the Platypus, and Prince. She is what she is and she does it like she does it... Lauren stands out from the other artists because she is multi-gifted, and she thinks outside the box. This makes her more of a jewel than a ruff cut stone. She is ever-evolving and reaching for her higher “PENness”.

Lauren, with her production and engineering skills, now resides and works with other artists in the Atlanta area, which she finds the experience inspiring, fun-filled and educational. Lauren is currently working on her third musical project, and various sound design projects, in an effort to continue to sharpen her “Penmanship”.

"I just want to be great at what I do, forever humble. I always wanted to make innovative music, changing the course of music today."


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