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Sexton High School has a new Nickname

The Lansing School Board has voted unanimously for SCORPIONS as the new nickname and mascot for J.W. Sexton high school.

There were four final candidates to replace Sexton's old mascot/nickname of BIG REDS. J-Dubbs, Scorpions, Cardinals, and Big Dawgs were the finalists.

Despite "J-Dubbs" being a favorite among students past and present, the board went with Scorpions.

According to board president Gabrielle Lawrence, “We wanted to have something that was brandable and marketable. That would have been very difficult with a J-Dubbs mascot. This lets us have an image we can put on football helmets and wrestling mats and things like that.”

Reportedly, the new Sexton logo will be a plain "block S." It will be very similar to the current logo which is a block S with a small 2 for squared at the top right. That was supposed to represent the fact that Sexton is both a regular school and a STEM magnet school.

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