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Community Advocacy Organization

Sisterhood Excellence

SHE SisterHoodExcellence began as a youth mentoring group by Terra Riley-Watson (Riley). During the COVID19 Pandemic SHE International Mentoring Network was born. The group of 85 girls that I have been mentoring since 2017 is now a force both youth and adult. May 31st is SHE Founders Day. This Founders Day merged SHE Crown Jewels and SHE Queens. The Queens came together through an exchange of gifts the main component being wine. All of this in the common spirit of sisterly love. We are multiracial and from various faiths. Our coming together is for empowerment today, tomorrow, and always. This is how ancient Queens from powerful kingdoms moved. In the face of the Pandemic we published books, expanded businesses, started businesses, created an education initiative, and expanded our hearts to love and care for total strangers. Social Media has been a dynamic means for us to connect, plan, and produce. Together we have written a book. This project is the idea of a sister I met as a result of this group. Queen LaKeisha I honor you and thank you for giving the Queens ownership of the story. This book is the beginning of the entire SHE Queendom. My prayer for and promise to my Sister Queens and Crown Jewels, “We will leave our mark on COVID19. History will repeat our story forever. I am SHE and SHE is me” SisterHoodExcellence is a collective of girls and women from various walks of life who are united in the mission to empower women globally. My degree and strength are in theology so much of what I do is based on my knowledge and spiritual enlightenment as a believer. In prayer the revelation of why wine as the ice breaker was so warming and uplifting. It was at a wedding feast Jesus performed his first public miracle of record. It was the ability to turn stale water into good wine that gave the people power to believe not only in Jesus but in the fact that they deserved and can have the best even when it seems there is no more. Running out of wine at a reception could’ve easily turned into an uneasy situation. Something like this Pandemic. The old wine we held in old skins was no good for the new world we have been afforded. New wine (Sisters) in New skins (new heart). This is literally what Quarantine did for many of us. We received a transformed mindset of sisterly love. Our understanding of giving was intensified. Our love for self and SisterQueens opened many of us to the renew relationships broken with family. A few Queens even joined with their King. Our hearts were even warmed with the births of some babies. The dark affect of COVID19 we experienced together as well. We mourned deaths with sisters. Encouraged sisters financially, spiritually, and emotionally. In the midst of all the darkness we found light in each other. SHE in 3 weeks became her own social services, political party, educational system, and community. SHE will take her continued stand of solidarity with the world calling for an end to all racists practices in America.  The Queens were boots on the ground during the protest following the murder of George Floyd. We will hold our 1st annual SHEchella Celebration of the Arts, Our theme Liberty and Justice for All. This is our stand of solidarity against the injustices perpetrated against black and brown people. Until policy changes SHEchella will be our place of protest and planning. I am simply a girl from Saginaw Michigan who had a dream. I am now simply proof that taking You out the equation makes dreams come true. “Expansion is a must when going from a thought to a Brand” We are the sisters of SHE We were started in 2017 On the campus of Gardner Academy We are the sisters of SHE. Our Flower is the Lotus in all its beautiful varieties. It grows in murky muddy water and submerges every night. Yet the lotus never wears the stain of its environment. Our Bird is the Eagle because it never fights its enemy on its level. It fights from the sky it uses its advantage to win. The eagle doesn’t hide from the storm it rises above the clouds and flies over the storm. Few birds of Prey have that ability.

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