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The 2021 Mental Health Awareness and Resource Fair

Photo Credit: MaCnifcient Photo (From L to R Yanice Y Jackson of Ingham County Treasurer's Office, Dr Tareva Watts of Inspired Faith and Mrs. Yoland Pope of the Dignified Aging Project) Fun at the Selfie Booth while promoting Mental Health Wellness.

(Lansing MI)-The Office of the Ingham County Treasurer and the Dignified Aging Project hosted the “Mental Health Awareness and Resource Fair” at the Alfreda Schmidt Community Center 5825 Wise Rd, Lansing, MI on December 16th, 2021.

This “One of a Kind” event was held to address the need of destigmatizing Mental Health Care within Ingham County, and provide insights to help improve the health, safety, and wellbeing of the community. This event was free to the public and connected to the Foreclosure Prevention efforts within the Treasurer’s office.

Photo Credit: Bettenhausen Photography. (From L to R Yolanda Pope CEO/Founder "The Dignified Aging Project, Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing.) Treasurer Schertzing talks about the importance of mental wellness within Ingham County in relation to Foreclosure Prevention efforts.

Racism was declared a public health crisis in June 2020 by the Ingham County Board of Commissioners. The Mental Health and Awareness Resource Fair was also one of many actions taken by the Ingham County Treasurer’s Office to make progress in the areas of social justice and racial equity within Ingham County.

Photo Credit Bettenhausen Photography-Yanice Y. Jackson of the Ingham County Treasurer's Office discusses the purpose and the importance of these events to the attendees.

Treasurer Eric Schertzing stresses the importance of partnering with organizations working directly within the community which brought about our partnership with The Dignified Aging Project. The Dignified Aging Project is an organization aimed to minimize systemic health care disparities by providing care for underserved seniors. CEO/Founder Yolanda Pope said, “This is a much-needed event to promote mental health wellness across all communities in such a pivotal time.”

Some of the other sponsors who helped make the event a success included: Capital Area United Way, Community of Mental Health, By Dawn’s Early Light, Capital Area District Libraries, Moneyball Sportswear, Bettenhausen Photography, and Houston Legacy of Enlightenment. Vendors and performers included Happendance, Pure Performance Arts, RCCC Mime Ministry, MaCnificent Photo Booth, and live painting by Artist Mila Lynn.

Photo Credit: Bettenhausen Photography

Attendees were able to take advantage of live panel discussions, free self-care kits with resource guides, a selfie station, and live performances. If you would like more information on similar community events coming soon, please contact Ms. Yanice Jackson at or Ms. Yolanda Pope at

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