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If you ask adults what they would want most in life consistently for the rest of their lives, what do you think the answer would be?

I can imagine “more ‘free’ time” would be up there.

Time to be with children

Time to be with a lover

Time to connect and nurture friendships

Time to travel

Time to explore

Time to rest

Time to meditate and pray

Time to serve

Time to sit and just be still

So why do we in turn begin from such a young age packing the schedules?

At times, we add on just to add on. Our children are in school 8 hours a day, rushing and running to be on time, spending hours in the confines of places where they may (or may not) want to be in one week for the sake of? Upholding the system, the collective culture and the way things have become.

How often do we question how and what we are conditioning our little ones for?

Discipline is great. Doing challenging things is necessary. Practicing time management is a skill worth having. Persevering through the discomfort of new to grow into enjoying & being good at something is soul food.

But, suffering through, trudging along, spending most of your time doing what you don’t love to get to a small portion of or to strive toward a false promise of TIME to spend with how you please, on what fills you up & feels purposeful is to me… a lie.

It’s the cultural belief we have upheld for so long. Go to school. Go to work to make the money. Even if you hate it. You may not feel a fire. Well, that’s just life. And it continues…

You see, I don’t exactly know how to combat it but I definitely know that our God did not create and design us for a life dwindled down to that.

That material mindset, that rat race, that jam it packed and rush around into an oblivion without time for contemplation lifestyle.

We are created for more inspiring, more thought-filled, loving experiences. We are created for more ♥️

If you had more time, what would you do with it?

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