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The Umoja Camp

Unifying Community through Sports, Entrepreneurship and Teamwork

Lansing, MI-The Umoja Camp (Umoja-The Swahili word for Unity) takes place on Friday August 26th, and Saturday August 27th, 2022, at Gier Community Center located at 2400 Hall St, Lansing, MI 48906.

The Umoja Camp is an annual sports and life skills camp founded by Marshaunda Dixon of the Exposure Project. Marshaunda alongside, Lansing natives Candice Jackson, (Director of Recruiting for Michigan State University Women's Basketball) Chad Wilkerson, (We in The Gym Youth Training) and many successful entrepreneurs and community leaders from the Greater Lansing Area.

The Umoja camp is open to youth ages 8-18. This annual camp exposes campers to people and resources to help successfully navigate life. Attendees will participate in various sports drills, which strengthen fundamentals while focusing on skills needed sharpen reflexes and increase speed and balance.

In addition to sports training, campers will participate in demonstrations, and panel discussions led by well-rounded speakers and trainers. The presenters include Derrick Williams, Sidney Black, Judge Kristen Simmons, in addition to top-notch entrepreneurs, coaches, and community members. The different sessions will emphasize the of importance teamwork, life skills, and conflict resolution when it comes to leading a prosperous life.

Attendees will receive breakfast, lunch, snacks, t-shirts, and MSU notebooks to take home. To find out more about this event, to register a child or volunteer please visit today!

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