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Courtesy Photo- (L to R) Raffi Muschegian, CEO and founder of Premier Grow and Seven- time world champion boxing legend, Thomas (The Hitman) Hearns

Detroit, MI – Seven- time world champion boxing legend, Thomas Hearns, has agreed to enter into a worldwide licensing agreement with Detroit-based cannabis company, Premier Grow, for cannabis and CBD products. The cannabis will be sold under the “Hitman Cannabis” brand and the CBD products as the “Hearns Wellness” brand under a 10-year deal with the organization.

“We are very excited to have our locally grown products represented by a Detroit icon and boxing legend, while also positioning his brand for wellness and pain relief,” says Raffi Muschegian, CEO and founder of Premier Grow. “Hearns shares our vision which is to be the best at what we do while offering the highest quality products to consumers.”

Premier Grow started making its way in the cannabis community in August 2020. “Although we’re new to the industry, our main focus will be cultivating the best cannabis for our customers and providing unique strains and brands,” explains Muschegian. “We specialize in premium, exotic prepackaged flower and pre-rolls and are looking forward to bringing on the Hitman Cannabis and Hearns Wellness products to consumers.”

The boutique start-up has begun work on this exciting venture with Hearns. Products are targeted to be in dispensaries by summer 2022.

For more information on Premier Grow, visit or email

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