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Three Members of the Southern University band are Killed in a Highway Accident

They were young. They were gifted. They were black. And now, they are gone!

Southern University is mourning the loss of three members of its famed marching band, known as the “Human Jukebox,” who were killed Tuesday night in a crash with an 18-wheeler near Natchitoches, Louisiana.

State police say the victims were all from the Dallas, Texas area: 19-year-old Broderick Moore, of Cedar Hill; 19-year-old Tyran Williams, of Dallas; and 21-year-old Dylan Young, of Dallas.

Two of the students were tuba players, and the other was a percussionist, according to Southern University's Director of Bands Kedric Taylor. Southern is an HBCU, (Historically Black College or University), located in Baton Rouge.

According to Louisiana State Police officials, the students were in a Jeep that was temporarily parked on a freeway shoulder. They were attempting to change a flat tire when the big-rig truck drifted onto the shoulder and hit the Jeep's left side. The three victims were pronounced dead at the scene. Officials say it is likely they were killed almost instantly.

The truck's driver, a 62-year-old man, was wearing a seatbelt and sustained no injuries, investigators said. Routine toxicology tests are pending as the investigation into the crash continues.

Photo Courtesy of KDFW-TV

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