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Trini Lopez-Pehlivanoglu for Lansing City Council

Courtesy of Trini Lopez-Pehlivanoglu

Transparency and accountability in our local government. Safety throughout our city. Development to ensure we thrive and grow as a community, and uplift our residents.

My name is Trini Lopez Pehlivanoglu (Pelly-von-oh-glue, for those who are wondering.) These points outline what I stand for and why I am running for Lansing City Council At-Large. I’m Lansing-raised and have been raising my own family in Southwest Lansing, not far from where I grew up.

For almost two decades I have been a proud public servant, working in Ingham and Eaton Counties, and for the State of Michigan. My volunteer work in the community includes the Lansing School District, Cristo Rey Community Center, Cristo Rey Church, Ingham County Equal Opportunity Committee, South West Action Group, and most recently the City of Lansing Board of Ethics.

Because of my roles within local government, I understand the balance of serving residents to the greatest extent while working in the parameters of a government office. I believe that it is important to communicate directly with residents about what is happening in our city government. I believe that we need to continue outreach with our youth for mentorship and violence reduction. I believe that by investing in all parts of the city, we will be investing in all Lansing residents.

At the heart of my decision to run for office is my love for Lansing. I am eager to get to work and tackle our most immediate issues while strategically planning the future of the Capital City. I truly believe in Lansing and I ask for your vote on August 8 and November 7, 2023.

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