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Voices of Color Domestic Violence Rally

Lansing, MI​ — ​Domestic violence advocates will gather for rallies at state capitols across the country on October 1st, as we kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In Lansing, we will be joined by families who have lost loved ones to domestic violence, as well as survivors, advocates, and local and state elected officials. All participants are encouraged to follow social distancing and mask guidelines.

For women and men living with violent partners, the COVID-19 pandemic has made an already difficult situation even more dangerous. Media reports, including information from ​Harvard University​, indicate huge spikes in calls to hotlines, sometimes doubling and tripling the typical number of requests for help, after stay-in-place orders were mandated.

During the rally, we will include updates on legislation in Michigan to provide support for those who have been affected as well as preventative measures being advocated by survivors. We will also provide interviews for members of the media prior to and during the rally. Contact our event media coordinator to set up interviews.

WHAT:​ Statewide Rally Against Domestic Violence

WHEN:​ Thursday, October 1, 2020, 4:30 p.m. — 6:30 p.m.

WHERE:​ Steps of the Michigan State Capitol

WHO:​ Scheduled speakers include:

Emcee:​ Marshall Kilgore

Senator Adam Hollier

Senator Ruth Johnson

Judge Amy Ronayne Krause

Prosecutor Arianna Slay

Sheriff Jerry Clayton

Kaitlynn Dwyer, Director of Legal Services, EVE Attorney Jennifer Paine

Attorney-Referee Larissa Zubac Nicole Denson


Rally is presented by​ Voices of Color​. Voices of Color advocates for the awareness and prevention of domestic violence, and actively works to restore self-empowerment for victims and survivors.

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