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Paying the Cost to Be a Boss; Long Term Hitters vs Short Term Players

Graphic by Charity Treat

From the publisher’s Desk

There is a cost associated with being a boss. (Business owner, entrepreneur, self employed)

I have learned from first-hand experience for many years and one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as a business owner is that “WE PAY A COST TO BE A BOSS.”

For example one refuses to provide a customer refund for a product/service, in this instance they have shown they are not willing to invest in the long-term success of the business. Be sure to think about the outcome and blowback of actions when in the infancy state of your business. In long-term business endeavors, your reputation precedes you. It takes many more good transactions to build up a business, but one bad transaction can destroy the credibility of your personal brand and business.

It behooves us to learn from those who already are subject matter experts in the field we wish to work.

You might ask me what makes me qualified to speak in a manner. I say there is no need to spout out credentials when you are confident your education, hands-on experience, and subject matter expertise qualify you to produce a product/service you can stand behind. I will go to bat for a client knowing there is potential for repeated business and referrals. Remember this can apply to your personal brand and business brand.

“Your reputation will proceed you” Allow your work to speak on your behalf. Be bold and blaze a trail. I’m just gonna leave it there for now.


Yanice Jackson

Publisher-The Chronicle News

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