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We've come this far by faith

Easter Sunday 2016 marked a Holy Ghost filled celebration of the risen King for members of Friendship House of Prayer Baptist Church. Pastor David Ford and his wife Reverend Cassandra Ford led a procession into their new church home located at 4301 Waverly Road in Lansing, MI. During the service Pastor Ford welcomed members and visitors with a unifying message. More than four-hundred attendees were encouraged to shout til’ heaven got the news that God blessed. Easter Sunday marked the congregation’s first service at their new permanent church home after a search that lasted more than two years. Pastor Ford was a good friend of Pastor Lester D. Stone, who passed away in 2010. Friendship House of Prayer was created after Friendship Baptist Church was torn in two over several years of disagreements among members. Pastor and Rev Cassondra Ford arrived in Lansing approximately three years ago. They say they saw an opportunity to help. Pastor Ford said “He left his home and came down here to help us. If we get that same mind set, one helping another and another helping another I wonder what or where we’ll be”.

Friendship House of Prayer spent a few years holding services at different venues including Lansing Community College, and Prince of Peace Baptist Church on Miller Road in Lansing MI. The former Faith United Methodist Church Building went on the market during the first of the year. At this time Pastor Ford encouraged members to get to work and God opened the doors. Friendship House of Prayer members, and non-members rolled-up their sleeves, cleaned and remodeled to prepare the Church ready for Easter Service. First Lady, Rev, Cassondra Ford inspired the congregation on Easter Sunday with “You ain’t seen nothing yet, the scriptures says taste and see how good God is”.

Sunday services are held at 8:45am Sunday school, Sunday service is at 10:00am every Sunday. Bible study is held at 11:00 am, 12:00am, and 7:00pm on Wednesday.

Friendship House of Prayer is located at 4301 Waverly Road Lansing MI. For more information please call 517-528-6210. Please tune in to our radio broadcast on Monday at 12:45 am on WWSJ radio 100.3 FM and 1580AM, at

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