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Empowering Dads through Apparel

The Mr and Mrs Cory Jamerson and Family. Founders of Daddy's Touch Apprel.

There is a position in life that not everyone can hold. It’s a position that takes courage, strength, love and sacrifice. The position can often times be scary, confusing, rewarding and exhilarating. This position is unique in its design. No two people who hold this position look or act the same. This most respected, most important position is the position of a father.

Daddy’s Touch is a clothing line that is looking to create a revolution that helps society realize the importance of fatherhood. Fathers need encouragement, recognition and support from each other and from those around them. Daddy’s Touch provides a visual message to fathers, families and society that says, “all those who wear the apparel believe in the importance of fathers.” Daddy’s Touch apparel wearers also support the statement that fatherhood is honorable. As fathers wear their apparel, they show their pride in being a father. They also show they are a part of a “club” – fatherhood. As everyone else wears the apparel, they show their respect and support for fathers.

The vision of Daddy’s Touch separates them from the traditional clothing line. This clothing line was started in an effort to have those who support fatherhood wear Daddy’s Touch apparel. Men, women and children wear this apparel to promote society’s movement toward encouraging and supporting dads. When dads see people in this apparel, they will know others believe they are important and needed. They will also know they have the support of those around them; leading them to hold their heads higher and feel more proud about being dads.

Daddy’s Touch is owned and operated by Cory and RaShonda Jamerson. The idea for Daddy’s Touch came in 2008 after the birth of their son. As Cory was feeding their son they realized that there are a lot of dads in the world that are taking great care of their children, but not receiving the credit for it. The Jamersons decided they wanted to make a difference in the world. They wanted to show the world just how important fathers are and just how hard they work for their families.

In addition to apparel, the Jamersons have had the opportunity to share with dads how important they are through events, social media networks, festivals and more. They believe if you encourage the father, he will strengthen his family and from there, society will become more successful. Through Daddy’s Touch, Cory and RaShonda look forward to continue supporting schools, churches and other non-profit organizations that encourage fathers. Daddy’s Touch wants to be a constant reminder that fatherhood is honorable, dads are important and a touch from a father changes things. To purchase your Daddy’s Touch apparel, visit


If you’d like more information about Daddy’s Touch, or to schedule an interview with Cory and/or RaShonda Jamerson, please call 877-235-3534 or email

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