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Community Advocacy Organization

Pastor Kendra L. Milton

King’s Highway Deliverance Church International – East One church in two locations

Pastor Kendra Milton

Pastor Kendra Milton, born in Lansing Michigan. Parents Martha Miles and Lewis Rogers. She is the youngest out of her siblings. She has three beautiful daughters, Martha Rogers, MaLinda Milton and Kenya Hammock, one grandson Keith Hartwell II and one son-in-law, Tyquan Hammock.

Pastor Kendra Milton received her spiritual foundation at Jesus of Nazareth COGIC, under the guidance of Administrative Assistant Elder Aaron and 1st Lady Virgie Milton. In the twenty years plus, while she was a member there, she held many positions, such as Choir director, praise team member, recording secretary, Sunday school teacher, Sunshine Band leader and Hospitality President. God was getting her prepared for her next journey and she didn’t even realize it.

In the year of 2008, Sis. Kendra Milton, then, met Bishop Michael and 1st Lady Rosemary Butler of King’s Highway Deliverance Church International – West (Gary, Indiana). King’s Highway east was having service on Grand river Ave., Lansing, MI. After attending for a short while Sis. Kendra Milton joined the King’s Highway family, where she started helping out with the praise team and later went on to receive her certificate as an Evangelist under Bishop Michael Butler.

After watching Bishop and 1st Lady Butler, travel over the highways many countless times, Evangelist Kendra Milton, told Bishop Butler that he didn’t have to drive so many times to Lansing, that “we got this”! She started doing leading bible studies and then after a while Sunday morning services. In July of 2012 Bishop Michael Butler ordained her as Pastor of King’s Highway Deliverance Church International– East.

Pastor Kendra Milton believes that in order for people to change and do better, they have to see change and see better. Her heart’s desire is to please God, make a difference and to see people saved and doing the will of the Lord, and also to help build God’s kingdom, one person, and one family at a time.

Not only is she a pastor, but she has a heart and passion for young people and hurting women. Pastor Kendra Milton is blessed to be a part of the phenomenal praise dance ministry, Worship Without Words (WWW) under the leadership of Heather Taylor. She may be IN the world, but she is not OF the world. In July 2016 she became the leader of a women’s support group called Women behind the Mask, which meet every Wednesday at 5:00pm. It’s an open group and all women are welcome.

Also, Pastor Kendra Milton is a Program Supervisor with Northwest Initiative, ARRO (Advocacy Resources Reentry Outreach), where they offer special programs such as: AA, Anger Management, and Cognitive Behavioral Thinking, just to name a few.

Pastor Kendra know that God is opening doors that no man can close and if she keep her hands in the Master’s hands, nothing can be withheld from her. So as her favorite scripture Psalm 121:1-2 (KJV) I will lift up mine eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help. 2 My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.

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