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A True Calling

Pastor Nathaniel Thomas hails from Pittsburgh PA and relocated to Detroit MI with his family age the age of 5. Pastor Thomas realized at a young age that God called him into the ministry to serve. He was greatly inspired by his Grandfather Walter Thomas was also a minister that pushed Faith and not religion. This is a belief that inspired Pastor Thomas and his walk with God is centered on this even to this day.

At the age of twelve the members of his church wanted him to be a licensed ordained minister. He was blessed with an awesome gift to relate to people and minister to the wounded. This gift is very apparent when one comes in contact with Pastor Thomas. His awesome God given gifts has contributed to successful business as well as a successful career in the Marines. After joining the Marines at a young age Pastor Thomas was able to travel the world and gain a new perspective on life. Shortly after God led him to Lansing Michigan to build a family.

Since his transition to Lansing, God Has had His hand on Pastor Thomas. Pastor Thomas was Led to start “Mind, Body and Soul Outreach Ministries” on November 28th 2013. The name of the church symbolizes the holistic improvement of man. The God given concept behind the name of the ministry entails the following:

  1. Grow Internally

  2. Build up the entire man

  3. Teach the Bible to allow people to receive God’s salvation.

Pastor Thomas met his lovely wife and crown of honor Yalonda at the YMCA in Lansing Michigan. She is a wonderful woman of God with a meek and diligent spirit. First Lady Thomas has proved to be the perfect complement and help meet for her husband Pastor Nathaniel Thomas. Together they are fulfilling God’s calling on their life. It is a wonderful site to see a couple that is such a spiritual powerhouse. Together with the help of the community they are helping build God’s church by focusing on healing, prosperity, growth, and complete transformation.

Mind Body and Soul Outreach Ministries is truly a breath of fresh air for the people of God. People of all walks, colors, ethnicities and backgrounds are welcome to come as they are. MBS is a place that is truly about teaching, loving, and living a sound doctrine which comes directly from the Word of God. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

If you would like to experience the love of Mind, Body and Soul Outreach Ministers please join us soon. The service times and contact information can be found below:

Mind Body and Soul Outreach Ministries

1974 N. Cedar

Holt, Michigan

(517) 974-1515

Service Times

Sunday School-10:00 am Sunday Service-11:00 am Wednesday prayer service-6:00pm Wednesday Bible Study-7:00pm Saturday Youth Program-12pm-3:00 pm

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