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Andy Schor for Mayor- Creating Change for Lansing's Future

Andy Schor is running for Mayor of Lansing. He has crafted a comprehensive plan for Lansing’s future with the help of neighborhood, business, labor, education, and other community leaders. You can read Andy’s full plan at, which includes:

✓ Fixing our roads, sidewalks, and infrastructure ✓ Creating strong, vibrant, and safe neighborhoods ✓ Supporting job growth and common sense regulation ✓ Promoting our schools as effective places where our children can grow and learn

Andy has partners in this effort, and has been endorsed by neighborhood leaders, all organized labor, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, police officers, many elected leaders, and others.

As State Representative, Andy accomplished much by working collaboratively on both sides of the aisle. He also fought against policies that would be bad for Lansing residents.

This is why Andy was named one of the most effective members of the House of Representatives, and why he will be a great Mayor for Lansing’s future!

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