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© 3/17 Dee Freeman

This past election has proven to be a big disgrace

Records have surfaced showing WE let this blow up in our face

The good folk of this nation never thought this would ever be,

So, now we must grapple with the sad situation... And we'll have to see!

Frankly, WE have no excuse! No excuse to not exercise our inalienable right

Though disillusionment may yet abound

We already know voting is a mandatory right

So use of it can change the tides as well as possibly astound

We have no excuse! Our unused right is a slap in the face to MLK

Sojourner and others

It’s a disgrace to the lost lives

Of our dead sistahs – also our dead dedicated brothers

We have absolutely NO, no excuse! Staying home from the polls

Is the act of people squandering their future

Like spreading crumbs to the birds

Giving up that hard earned right is unconceivable...

An act for which even I can not find words

We have NO excuse! We cannot have the nerve nor audacity to stall...

Nor sit this one out

We can not give up this opportunity to

Show this Nation what we’re all about

WE have no excuse! We have NO excuse! Never squander our rights!

The haters, the naysayers, they are all trying to keep us down

We are aware of their sneaky tricks and tactics

They should not win any such battle with US without a fight!


And because I know WE are strong when United:

I have the audacity to believe...We can stand for freedom

I have the audacity to believe...We can represent freedom

I have the audacity to believe...We can become the epitome of freedom

For our freedom depends solely on us!!!

Even though, we all know freedom ain't free!

We must all BELIEVE in the notion of freedom for All!

And when we put emotion into this notion…

I have the audacity to believe in us!!!!

I have the audacity to believe…

That you too, have the audacity to believe in us! Yeah!! WE GOT THIS!

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