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Bishop Cedric W. Pruitt is the Pastor of God's Worship Center Church of Lansing Michigan. On Wednesday June 28 at 7 p.m. in Louisville Kentucky, he will be installed as the Presiding Bishop and Chief Prelate of the Universal Fellowshipping Churches at their Annual National Convention.

Bishop Pruitt is the son of the Late Apostle Dr. Charles L. Pruitt and Evangelist Dr. D. Pruitt the current Overseer of The God's Worship Center Church of Lansing MI. God's Worship Center Church where Bishop Pruitt is the Pastor is a non-denominational ministry located at 818 N. Jenison, Lansing MI 48915. The main services are Sunday at 9:30 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and Wednesday Christian Education at 6:30 p.m.

Bishop Pruitt is very humbled by the opportunity to serve God's People on a broader scale as the ministry endeavors to keep the Great Commission (St. Matthew 28:16 - 20) of expanding into all the world that the gospel would be received as instructed for the New Testament Church.

Bishop Pruitt's life is submerged in the work of Lord. He has three brothers who operate in ministry as well. Deacon Darrell Pruitt a church musician over forty years, Pastor Joseph Pruitt and Lady Toya Pruitt of Restoration Family Life Church (a church was birthed out of God's Worship Center Church and operates out of Lansing's south side) and Elder Markus Pruitt a talented gospel music producer and song writer.

Lakeka Pruitt is the loving wife of Bishop Pruitt for over twenty years that keeps him grounded and graces him with her smile. They have six beautiful children who love God and all work in the area of ministry. Bishop Pruitt endeavors to Obey God's voice and to do all that God has assigned him to do. St. John 9:4 says we must work while it is day because when night cometh no man can work.

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