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“Living Proof Motivation: Changing Lives, One Day at a Time”

One young company that has started to capture attention across the state of Michigan is the upstart “Living Proof Motivation”. With a mission of changing the lives of those in need, “Living Proof Motivation” (LPM) has started to affect change in a way that has not been seen before in the motivational speaking genre. A big reason for this is the founder of the company Jeremy Tatum. Tatum, a native of Saginaw, Michigan started LPM with a mission of helping young people in need. Tatum, a man of many talents realized that he had become a role model without ever having the intent of doing so. The effect that he is having on young people rivals that of such names as Eric Thomas and potentially displays a more powerful message than anyone that has entered the sect. The story of Tatum has been well-documented on social media and has spread from the bridges of Saginaw to the Lansing, Michigan. Tatum was a high school football start that ended up overcoming the harsh streets of Saginaw, Michigan to becoming a military hero. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree and working as a social worker, Tatum took his talents to Western Michigan Cooley Law School where he stands at the top of his class and is on the verge of sitting for the Michigan Bar Exam. In addition to working a full-time job, raising a family and going to law school on a full-time basis, Tatum started LPM because he felt there was a need for youth in the state of Michigan to have positive role models.

While still in its infancy, LPM started with motivational speaking in the Saginaw area and the word started to spread of his talents. Today, there is something special happening with LPM. When asked, Tatum humbly told us, “I started speaking at schools in the Saginaw area and then we caught the attention of some parents in the Lansing area. While the families in Lansing may not face the financial obstacles of those in Saginaw and Flint, we are seeing that the state of Michigan is in a state of crisis and the one thing that seems to be missing is hope in our young people. We have two clients in Lansing that engaged our company to help their children seek motivation in sports and academics. Whether our goal is to help a young person stay out of jail or to become a professional athlete, all young people face obstacles and I am proud that our team is dynamic enough to help those in all walks of life. LPM was designed to empower people, to show them that lives can be changed with the hidden talent, gifts and strengths that they already possess. Our goal is to guide the in that journey.” In addition to starting the company, Jeremy Tatum is working on a book and a feature film that will focus on his life and his company. To learn more about Tatum and LPM, visit their website at: or their Facebook page at:


William Amadeo is a partner at Ann Arbor Legal and Associates and at Grabel and Associates. In addition to his legal duties, William owns and operates BAT Tutoring in Lansing, Michigan. He can be reached at:

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