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I Think It, I See It, I Create It

Lansing native Lamar Gentry better known in the community as “IllSpeak” is working diligently to take those around him to a higher level. His business savvy and love for empowerment is impressive to those who come in contact with him. Just in case you are wondering “IllSpeak” is a name derived from his days in music associated with the “Hip Hop B Boy” culture. It refers to the way he delivers his rhymes. When asked to recite a freestyle rhyme Ill’s delivery is effortless, thought provoking, eloquent and flawless.

IllSpeak started his entrepreneur pursuits at a very young age with event promotion and music production. He is now the owner of successful Marketing apparel and accessories company “You’re Design” located at 1515 W Mt Hope Ave. The company was started in 2011 and provides an array of printing and promotional services such as clothing, accessories, custom graphics, invitations, photography, and video recording. No job is too big or too small.

Ill stresses the importance of having your voice heard thus the inception of “You’re Design”. This company was brought about to aid the community in self-expression, empowerment, and ownership. His goal is to let everyone close to him to know they are able to reach their dreams and goals with a plan. If you are in need of custom designed clothing, accessories or a company to assist you with you next event look no further “You’re Design” is a winner by far. When you have the opportunity to work with IllSpeak it will definitely bring light to the phrase “I think It, I see It, and I create It” as he brings shape to the intangible!

If you would like to speak with someone from “You’re Design” or inquire about products and services please feel free to reach out by calling (517) 706-1482.

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